To book a place with us is mandatory to pay a deposit with us in hola@pisocompartido.com.ar

If you are already in BA you can do it in cash.

If you are abroad you can do it through PAYPAL or credit card.

Check in between 11 pm and 8 am are charged with 15 dollars.

The minimal stay is one month. In case of cancelation or no show up deposit is refund in 50%.

Check in

At the moment that you arrive to Piso Compartido we give to you the keys and you must pay the first rent in dollars or euros.

Next payments will be montly, and you can do it by cash or credit card. Payment day will be the same day that you arrive. Piso Compartido Buenos Aires does not do rent money refunds.

Check out

It´s neccesary that you notice your departure 15 DAYS before. You can do it by email to hola@pisocompartido.com.ar

Once you have left the room with keys and bed clothes you will receive the deposit by PAYPAL. In case of any of these situations we can discount deposit:

- Missing or broken things.
- Unresponsable ulization of the flat or its amenities or energy.
- Keys missing.
- Departure notice menor to 15 days.
- Payment delays. (10 DOLLARS PER DAY)


Services like gas, electric energy, water and internet are provided by different companies. They are included in the rent. In case of any interruption in the service is important to notice us by email. We won´t make any discunt of the rent because of this.